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About Me

I am a seasoned technical research specialist offering boutique research services.

With the combination of my unique skills, integrating non-profit prospect research and data science. I deliver an illuminating perspective on fundraising and data that enables non-profit organizations to maximize their potential by helping them successfully raise annual, major, and capital gifts.

As a member of the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement and the Association of Fundraising Professionals, I strictly adhere to their confidentiality and ethics standards in my work.

It’s not just what you know but how you leverage that information

Let me help you find the right donors that align with your mission and narrative.

Having targeted, strategic information at the appropriate stage in the development cycle is essential for fundraising. My technical research gets you the salient facts on the donors, organizations, and distills it down to an easily digestible report to help your mission succeed.

It doesn't matter whether you are embarking on a capital campaign, wanting to reinforce your annual fund program, trying to fund an endowment, or exploring outside research to bolster your development efforts. Let me help you achieve your goals by augmenting your team's work or serve as your prospect researcher.

What I do

  • In-house prospect research is expensive. Why take on the cost of starting a department? Let me take the labor-intensive research burden from your Development staff and custom research your prospects for you.

    I can provide a variety of reports, from in-depth profiles to philanthropic information. My expertise also extends to wealth screenings, relationship mapping, as well as building and verifying top prospect lists.

    Typical services include:
    In-depth prospect research on wealthy donors and prospects
    International prospect research
    Validation of screening vendors and wealth screening results
    Developing prospect briefs for Gift Officer and CEO meeting, trips, and events
    Prospect research training and mentoring

  • Achieving successful fundraising outcomes hinges on effective prospect management, and I specialize in providing tailored services to optimize this vital process for your organization. Leveraging my expertise in moves management, donor segmentation, and analysis, I empower your development staff with comprehensive reports that delve deeper than basic profiles.

    By offering in-depth insights into your prospects' backgrounds and implementing strategic moves management strategies, I enable you to enhance your fundraising strategies holistically.

  • I have a keen ability to adapt multiple data points into a precise, meaningful analysis. Whether it be segmenting wealth screen data or your CRM, I can provide you with an in-depth analysis of donors’ affinities, wealth, giving, and leading insights with recommendations.

  • Let me help you build custom visualization and reporting solutions using industry-leading technologies to harmonize analytical and aesthetic aspects of your data. I can maximize the value of your donor data by identifying and leveraging meaningful indicators with custom dashboards and reports.

  • I can either review an existing document or help you create a new policy.

  • I provide a competitive advantage with actionable intelligence to help you understand yourself and your competition. Whether you need a deep dive or a quick background assessment, my services are always tailored to your specific needs.

How I can help

Dive into your data

Let's turn your fundraising goals into action.


Curated Prospect Lists

A fresh look at your data

Don’t know where to start? I can help implement your engagement action plan immediately with a curated prospect list. The list includes the following information for each of your prospects.

Engagement score

Priority ranking for major giving cultivation

Priority ranking for annual giving cultivation

Wealth/capacity indicator

Custom Reports

Get a competitive edge with targeted information.


A la carte reports

Identify your best prospects

Do you need high quality, custom researched and prepared profiles fast and affordably? I provide a variety of report options, from in-depth profiles to specifically-targeted wealth & philanthropy information. This can be done flexibly; by the report, the hour, or the project - allowing your organization to focus on developing critical cultivation plans.

Bios for meeting and event preparation.

Briefings to qualify for wealth and philanthropy.

Assessments to uncover all relevant information.

Wealth Screening

Unconver gems hidden in your database


Wealth Screening

A game changer.

Wealth screening overlays your database with additional information about wealth, interests, and other useful insights. If your CRM is like most shops, it’s highly likely that you have high wealth prospects already in your database.

Let me help you sort through your wealth screen data and discover, rank prospective donors, then turn it into a realistic plan. I will help you uncover philanthropically inclined prospects with a large capacity to give. By adding an extra layer to traditional screening services, which can add a great deal of additional data - you’ll be able to use your resources more effectively to build and strengthen relationships with your best prospects.

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